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Queensland Corrective Services – Correctional Employees` Certified Agreement 2016

Queensland Corrective Services – Corrective Employees` Certified Agreement 2016: An Overview

The Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) is responsible for the management of prisoners and offenders in Queensland, Australia. It is an essential part of the justice system, ensuring the safety of the community and the rehabilitation of offenders. The QCS employs a wide range of professionals, including correctional officers, psychologists, and administrative staff.

In 2016, the QCS made significant changes to its employment agreements, with the introduction of the Corrective Employees` Certified Agreement 2016 (CECA). This new agreement was developed in consultation with employees, unions, and management, and aimed to deliver fair and equitable conditions for all staff.

The CECA covers all correctional employees, including custodial officers, case managers, and community corrections officers. It outlines the terms and conditions of their employment, including pay rates, leave entitlements, and working hours. The agreement is designed to provide a level of job security and flexibility for employees, while also ensuring they are fairly compensated for their work.

One of the key features of the CECA is its focus on training and professional development. The agreement provides for a range of training opportunities, including formal qualifications and on-the-job training. This focus on training is essential in ensuring that correctional employees are well-equipped to deal with the complex and challenging nature of their work.

The CECA also includes provisions for flexible working arrangements, including part-time and job-share arrangements. This is particularly important for employees with family or caring responsibilities, as it allows them to balance work and other commitments.

Another significant aspect of the CECA is its emphasis on workplace health and safety. The agreement includes provisions for regular workplace inspections and risk assessments, as well as measures to prevent workplace bullying and harassment.

The CECA has been praised by both employees and management for its fairness and practicality. It provides a solid foundation for the ongoing development of the QCS, ensuring that correctional employees are supported and valued in their work.

In conclusion, the Queensland Corrective Services` Corrective Employees` Certified Agreement 2016 is an essential document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for correctional employees in Queensland. Its focus on training, flexibility, and workplace health and safety ensures that correctional employees are well-equipped to deal with the challenges of their work, while also providing them with fair and equitable conditions of employment. The CECA is a vital part of the QCS`s ongoing commitment to excellence in the management of prisoners and offenders in Queensland.

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